Story - The Icchorians - The Golden Blood
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The Icchorians – The Golden Blood is our first Self Published Original Novel that we have been working on for some time. This is the first of four volumes, we are very excited to share them with you!

The war between Humans and the beast like creatures called Icchorians has spanned generations, blood spilling on both sides as misunderstandings turn into wide scale destruction. The normally long lived and powerful Icchorians are starting to dwindle in numbers, and it takes a prophecy to give them hope for change – change that will spark the end of a war and a chance at peace between the two races.


Layrion is an Icchorian born into war, and has seen her share of its destruction. She has been told since birth that her white hair marks her as one of the four chosen ones that is destined to bring peace to their world. However, her focus lies only in protecting those close to her, and fighting against the Humans who do not give them a chance to live. Resisting destiny becomes her driving force, and she does everything in her power to defy fate and create her own world.


Yet with the rising chance for peace,  questions arise from both sides – Can Icchorians stop their Thirst for the blood of Humans? Will Humans ever look at them as anything as monsters that seek only destruction? Who is the Originator that created the Icchorians really, and does He truly long for peace? It seems that Layrion’s destiny is closer to answering these questions, than any Seer could hope to see.

The Icchorians - The Golden Blood - Volume 1
The Icchorians - Character Banner