Ammy - The Icchorians - The Golden Blood
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AGE: 16,949
RACE: Icchorian
GENDER: Female
HAIR COLOR: Light Blonde
HEIGHT: 5’ 6”

Ammy is the fourth child of Dicion and Elysia, and sister to Layrion. She admirers her sister more than any other person in her life, and will do anything to support her. Her extensive skill in literature and tactics means that she is often the one to come up with strategies that propels Layrion’s ideals forward, and she is not afraid to give her sister the push she needs to get there. Often it is Ammy that will state the unspoken, and will take no mercy in getting rid of those who would dare challenge them. Others would describe her as very unfeeling, her expression often stoic in every situation.Her role within the Clan is that of Navigator, guiding them as they travel and making sure to thoroughly research any danger present to them.

Author Notes ~

Ammy’s Beast form of that of a snake, and it reflects in not only her weapon choice of a whip, but to her biting personality as well. She was designed to have an upright appearance and an elegant silhouette when compared to the others. She wears a combat dress, believing that even in the heat of battle you should reflect the
calm and poise of your station. Underneath the skirt however, is a heavy chainmail skirt. Even in peace, she will don skirts and dresses that are made of heavier and often restricting materials, in order to maintain her distinguished image. She prefers purple, but will accent it with her sister’s color of red.



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