Layrion - The Icchorians - The Golden Blood
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AGE: 20,937
RACE: Icchorian
GENDER: Female
EYE COLOR: Right eye is gold Left is Green
HEIGHT: 5’10”

Layrion is the third child of Dicion and Elysia. Before her birth, the Seers had predicted that she would be born the third son of the two Elders, but an affliction had affected her mother, changing the destiny of the child. Layrion is considered the more battle trained sister, spending most her free time honing her skills with various warriors from across the land. Unlike her sister, she detest the court life and wearing clothing that is considered proper for her station. More comfortable with blades, she leaves the politics to Ammy. In her early life, she is convinced that Humans are unworthy of consideration, and should be subdued for Icchorians everywhere to find peace. She wants to find a way to peace that isn’t through prophecy.

Author Notes ~

Layrion’s Beast form is based off a lion, so her armor was designed to reflect that a bit, with the placement of the fur. She is the one who makes use of her claws in battle the most, so they do not hold as much lavish decoration as some others. In battle she covers her green eye with a heavy mask, and will not take it off no matter the situation. When the rare occurrence happens that Ammy can convince Layrion to wear court clothing, she prefers lighter silks that flow about her, so as not to restrict her movement. She is quite proud of her scars from battle and believes that hiding them is a sign of weakness.


Voice credits – Francesca Hogan




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